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The Drip Drop

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About Us


Sam & Oliver win 2nd place in the Gates Invention competition (among 100 entrants), and the prize includes the funds to hire a

patent attorney. 

 2013 - 2014

Sam & Oliver refine their prototypes, and finally receive a U.S. Design Patent! Two more patents are pending. They are featured in the local news as successful young entrepreneurs and 

The Drip Drop

becomes an LLC. 


Shark Barbara Corcoran offers $50,000 for 33% equity! Watch how they got a deal on Shark Tank! After the show Sam & Oliver attempt to license The Drip Drop but ice cream cone manufactures suggest they return when they have proven sales. Barbara is only interested in a licensing deal so the deal never closes.


Sam & Oliver pivot their business strategy to manufacturing. They researched and wrote a manufacturing plan, hired a pastry chef to perfect the recipe, and had a professional silicone prototype created. 


Sam & Oliver audition for the hit show "Shark Tank" and are selected from among 50,000 applicants.These brave boys are the first and youngest entrepreneurs ever to pitch to the Sharks without an adult accompanying them.


Sam & Oliver successfully raise the funds on Kickstarter to take their company to the next step. Stay tuned and get ready to find Drip Drops at an ice cream store near you! 



Sam & Oliver, age 10, enter The Gates Invention Program through their school in Denver.

 The Drip Drop is born. 



 ready to test the Denver market! Let it drip!

"In fifth grade we attended Graland Country Day School, and entered The Gates Invention competition. Our coaches, Mr. Masters and Mr. Dodge told us to keep our eyes open for everyday problems all around us. So one day we were walking past an ice cream shop in our Denver neighborhood and we saw these two little kids with drippy hands and messy clothes from their ice cream cones. We then noticed how their mom used a handful of napkins to try to clean them up. This image stayed in our minds and a few minutes later suddenly we both turned to each other and had the same thought: something should be done about that problem! And that’s how The Drip Drop started." ~ Sam and Oliver


Sam and Oliver, who have been best friends since preschool, were 10 years old at that point. After a year-long "Design Thinking" process of doing customer research, reviewing their product's competition, building preliminary prototypes, and preparing their pitch to the Gates judges, the boys won 2nd place among 100 contestants for their edible ice cream cone "ring" invention, The Drip Drop. Sounds like such a basic and obvious idea, right? But sometimes kids are the only ones who can dream up the simplest solutions to solve mass market problems!


Judges were selected from the Denver business community and invited to judge the competition. The judges determined that The Drip Drop had patent potential, so Sam & Oliver were awarded funding by the Gates Foundation to hire a patent attorney. The boys spent the next 3 years refining The Drip Drop prototype design and going through the lengthy U.S. patent application process. Finally in April 2015 they became the proud holders of a U.S. Design Patent! (...with 2 more patents pending.)


Then Sam & Oliver decided to take their company to the next level and auditioned for the hit ABC television show "Shark Tank. Among 50,000 applicants in 2016, they made it into the select group of 120 companies chosen to appear on T.V. in Season 7 and pitch their business in the tank to The Sharks. These two brave boys were the first and youngest entrepreneurs ever to pitch to The Sharks without an adult with them. Watch here how the boys got a deal with Barbara Corcoran and keep checking this website to follow Sam & Oliver's next steps!